This large, natural cavern can be explored by hiking east from Yikpabongo.

This natural wonder is definitely “off the beaten path” but is a nice excursion to do if visiting Yikpabongo to see its ancient Koma Figurines.

The cave is found on the western side of a massive rock outcrop about a four kilometer hike north of the village. When viewed from above one can see that it has been formed by the cracking and collapse of a large section of rock.

As many as fifteen people can comfortably fit inside and its ceiling is 9 feet at its highest point.

There is speculation that the cave was used as a hiding place during the time of slave raiders in Northern Ghana. However, this has not been confirmed with any solid evidence.

The cave is sometimes occupied by honey bees and upon entering you can see evidence of the soot on the ceiling and walls. This is from fires set by locals to smoke the bees out to get access to the honey.

One must also be very cautious as the cave is inhabited by some very large snakes as evidenced by their tracks on the ground and the large shed skins lying around.


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