Discover Ghana’s North East Region

You are invited to discover Ghana’s new North East Region. Discover the fascinating cultures, rich histories, and incredible natural landscapes! See the regional capital of Nalerigu and its incredible cliff escarpments that stretch from Walewale to Nakpanduri and beyond. Canoe down the White Volta and Red Volta rivers. Explore prehistoric rock art and cliff dwellings. Learn about the ancient kingdom of Mamprugu and its customs. You are welcome!


Gambaga Escarpment

An impressive 100km long line of cliffs that form the northern boundary of the North East region.

Zayaa Mosque-Shrine

This unique architectural wonder in Wulugu has an intriguing mystical and spiritual backstory.

Ancient Koma Figurines

We have more questions than answers about these clay statuettes left behind by settlers over 1000 years ago.

Fire Festival

This exciting, raucous annual event is celebrated in most Mamprusi communities across the region in remembrance of an old legend.

Tusugu Cliff Dwellings

These mysterious and well-preserved remains of an ancient settlement on the Gambaga Escarpment were discovered in 1961.

NaJeringa Defense Wall

Built in the 1700s by a legendary Mamprusi king to defend the capital of Nalerigu against raiders.

Gingana Mountain & Rock Art

This beautiful point along the Gambaga Scarp looks out over the White Volta River and is the site of ancient rock carvings and paintings.

White Volta River Rapids

Just north of Gambaga, the massive White Volta roars as it squeezes through rocks.

Kpatiritinga Rock Art & Granaries

One of the most recent and impressive discoveries of rock art and centuries-old adobe structures along the Gambaga Escarpment.

NaYiri Palace

The chief’s palace in Nalerigu, the traditional seat of the overlord of Mamprugu is a center of cultural activities in the region.

Buyuori Cave

This large, natural cavern can be explored by hiking east from Yikpabongo.

Tanfiok-Naamaa Rock Paintings

Researchers believe these pre-historic rock paintings of hunters and animals may date back to the Stone Age.

Gbintiri Market

Held every six days, thousands come from all over to trade goods and livestock in the region’s largest market.

The Doves’ Caves (Ŋmana Feeri)

This group of rock outcrops is a short hike from Nalerigu and great for bouldering and exploring.

Learn More About the Region

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  • February 4, 2020

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Ghana's North East Region at dusk
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