This group of rock outcrops is a short hike from Nalerigu and great for bouldering and exploring.

The site earns its Mampruli name Ŋmana Feeri or Ŋmana Feoo from the dove common to the area. Farmers found that this collection of massive boulders is a favorite refugee for the birds.

Hiking to the rocks will take you away from civilization and allow you to enjoy your natural surroundings. In addition to doves, one will see owls, hawks, and bats living in and around the boulders. The local plant life is also fascinating with unique species like the stinky Amorphophallus dracontioides and the spiky false kapok whose flowers are prized for soup.

The Doves’ Caves are a fantastic destination not just for hiking in nature but for bouldering and exploring for people of all ages.


The Doves’ Caves are a pleasant 3km hike east-by-southeast of Nalerigu. One simply needs to follow the road on the north side of the Baptist Medical Centre down to the creek. Cross the creek and walk up to the ridge. The path with split near the top of the hill and you follow the southernly path that follows the ridge. After a couple hundred meters it will split again and you will go left (southeast). You will soon pass through the first rock outcrop. The continue on to the second, larger collection of boulders a bit farther east for some of the best exploring.