Tanfiok-Naamaa Rock Paintings

Researchers believe these pre-historic rock paintings of hunters and animals may date back to the Stone Age.

This collection of rock art features incredible drawings of human figures, animals, houses, and geometric shapes. The suggested date of this art work is 18th century. However, recent and ongoing archaeological research is suggesting it may be as old as middle or late Stone Age.

Using special imaging software, the details in the paintings can be enhanced with higher contrast to make it easier to view.


This historic site is conveniently located off the main road from Nakpanduri to Bunkpurugu just as one enters the village of Jilik #1.

There is a farmers’ trail on the left side of the road (north side) that leads up a ridge to a plateau. After short walk atop the plateau you will pass a large rock outcrop to the right (east). The paintings are located on the western side of those rocks under an overhang that protects them from the elements.

Remember that these are historic treasures and should not be touched or disturbed. Look but do not touch.

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